grants issued

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes → Programme


€ 250.000

Granted under condition, € 125,000 per year for two years

The STRP Biennale is one of Europe's largest indoor art and technology festivals. STRP wants to contribute to the talent development of Dutch and international makers by means of its role as (co)producer. By means of professional supervision of content and technical aspects in the development of new work and the distribution of that work, STRP has been able to engage with many makers. With the appointment of Ton van Gooi as director, the organization is entering into a new phase. In the period 2019–2020, STRP is keen to redefine and reposition itself as a platform with a continuous multi-year programme. The organization thereby intends to increase its presence and visibility in Eindhoven and the rest of the Netherlands. Over the coming years STRP will be zooming out and shifting the focus from (creative) technology to more socially engaged themes and the role and impact of art and technology in this context. The point of departure for the 2019–2020 programme is 'critical optimism'. STRP is keen to serve as a guide and convey its audience through the quest for answers to essential questions for our present-day society. The activities include a Festival XL (over 10 days) and a Festival L (four days). Smaller STRP events are being programmed alongside these festivals. STRP also regularly hooks up with larger city events such as Glow, DDW and Emoves, while STRP Scenario evenings culminate in the conferences during the STRP Festivals. With STRP Share the organization offers an educational and participative programme, tailored to specific target groups from young to old. The learning tracks are devised in consultation with the target group, educational institution or knowledge hub. STRP works with various local and national partners from the culture sector, education, government and the business world.