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Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call phase 3

The Samarsky Yard

Schiemann Weyers Architects

€ 20.000

In the previous phase, Schiemann Weyers Architects and various Russian and Dutch partners carried out research into the demolition of the historical heritage of the post-socialist city of Samara (the 'Wooden City' and the 'Samarsky Yard'). In this project the team aims to establish a dialogue about the meaning of the city's heritage and the specific architecture for the city's identity and how to bridge the gap between citizens, activists, developers and the authorities. The team organised a series of meetings and, together with graphic designer Joost Grootens, developed a design for an atlas in which all the collected information can be presented to the various stakeholders in an accessible and objective way.

In this follow-up phase, the team will focus on further knowledge sharing and the publication of the atlas in the form of a book. The team had originally thought to create only a digital atlas, but in the previous phase they came to the conclusion that a physical book will better emphasise the quality and relevance of the information for the relevant stakeholders in Russia. The book will consist of approximately 400 pages, hundreds of maps, graphs, typographies, photos, stories and interviews. The collaboration partner, Russian publisher Tatlin Publishing House, will be responsible for production and distribution. The book will be published in English and Russian. The team will organise a symposium in the House of Architects in Samara about this project in May 2020 when they release the first 1000 copies of the book.

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