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Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call phase 3

The Tea of Social Ecology

Bureau LADA, CILAS, Beit Yakan

€ 20.000

'The Tea of Social Ecology' is a follow-up to the Labbanah Gardens project in the historic El Labbanah district in Islamic Cairo. The project consists of a series of four spatial interventions, linked to a cultural programme on social ecology, energy production and living heritage. The project takes place in a hidden garden in Beit Yakan.

In this follow-up phase, the team will create an online publication that combines and visually represents all the observations made during the project, including the tensions around property and heritage and the pressure on public space. This publication consists of (street) photography, route mapping and everyday objects and customs, resulting in a narrative district guide titled 'Accidental Living Heritage Guide'. The digital publication also contains reflective essays on the decolonisation of heritage and living heritage. Forty copies of this publication will be printed as hard copy. The team will also organise 2 public events: CILAS's tea seminar and the Tree Storytelling Event. These events will include discussions with grassroots organisations about the various ways living heritage can be protected, particularly with regard to Fatimid, UNESCO's most densely populated heritage location.

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