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Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call phase 3

Tour de Turquie - a bicycle road show

Artgineering/ Novusens/ Sustainable Solutions

€ 20.000

In the previous phase, Sustainable Solutions (NL), Artgineering (BE) and Novusens (TR) developed an integral cycling master plan for the Turkish city of Lüleburgaz. The plan, in the form of a book, shows how cycling can be used as a catalyst for a more sustainable, inclusive and democratic urban community. The plan takes a holistic approach consisting of three different elements: hardware, software and orgware.

In this follow-up phase, the team will focus on sharing their knowledge with other Turkish cities that are looking at investing more resources into cycling. The format is a 'Bicycle Road Show' campaign, whereby a team will visit four cities in the course of a week: Istanbul (opening), Bursa, Eskisehir and finally Ankara. During this tour, the team will organise meetings, workshops and seminars with municipalities and other stakeholders. Although a lot of Turkish cities have already started to invest in cycling projects such as bike sharing systems and the construction of cycle paths, the team noticed during previous phases that not much knowledge is available with regard to 'how' best to do this. Additionally, the city of Lüleburgaz is different from other cities as this municipality first invested in creating a positive perception around cycling before investing in the physical cycling infrastructure. Recently introduced new Turkish legislation encourages investment in cycling networks and the team therefore believes that this is a good time to further spread the knowledge that has been acquired. The road show will take place mid-April 2020.

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