grants issued

Grant Programme for Talent Development → Open call


Jasper van Loenen & RDM Makerspace

€ 25.000

Jasper van Loenen seeks to break open the technologies that surround us in our everyday lives. The advent of 'machine learning' and 'neural networks' have increased both the influence and the opacity of technological systems, and have effectively caused technological devices to simply become 'functional black boxes' for most people. By mastering and critiquing these technologies and using them for new artistic purposes, Van Loenen reveals the actual significance of these technologies. With Umwelt, set up in collaboration with the team of RDM Makerspace, Van Loenen builds further on this approach. The goal is to build an object or a small mechanical creature, and to connect sensors to a neural network. This way, the object will be able to have perceptions, and to interpret and respond to them. In addition to the workplace facilities, RDM Makerspace offers Van Loenen office and studio space for a period of six months. There are several parties making use of Machine Learning technologies at RDM Makerspace. The workplace aspires to be a frontrunner in developing knowledge about these technologies, and this ambition stimulates their interest in collaborating with Van Loenen. The progress achieved by the project will be communicated via social media. The technical specifications will be shared through Github and made available under a Creative Commons Licence.