grants issued

Temporary Procedure for International Collaboration → AV production

Untold Stories


€ 20.000

'Untold Stories' is an interactive media platform that shows unknown stories and scenes from international films and documentaries that were never finished due to circumstances/powerlessness (for instance, political reasons or danger). By means of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the visitor can take control of the director's chair, change the narrative and edit an infinite number of versions. This project is a collaboration between design studio RNDR (NL), film technology developer in the field of AI and machine learning KASPAR (DK) and mixed-reality studio Makropol (DK). For the launch in June 2021, the team is organizing a workshop together with Storytellers United (SU) with different makers responsible for the original film scenes and the public/audience. Other partners in this project include The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, IDFA DocLab, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival and the Danish Film Institute. With this project, the team aims to stimulate discussion on ethical issues concerning new technologies: can machines be used as storytellers and express our personal stories?