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Grant Programme for Talent Development → Open call

Waterfront pavilion

NEXT Architects & ShapeService

€ 25.000

The Dutch goal to have a fully circular construction industry by 2050 is a huge challenge. Various parties are researching methods of construction that can be disassembled again. Some of the challenges are the limited availability of materials, storage times, certification and how to connect the various building parts. Despite widespread interest in the industry, there is not much practical experimentation. NEXT Architects is taking the construction of the Circular Pavilion in Amsterdam Noord as an opportunity to test various systems, forms and materials. The applicant is working on a method that dissects a building into layers that function independently of each other and that can be disassembled. To produce and connect the roof layer, the applicant is working with ShapeService, which is part of the Brabant company The Plastic Enterprise, on large-scale 3D-print technology that uses recycled plastic as raw material. The result is a 1:1 prototype of a 3D-printed roof element to be used for the pavilion. This publicly accessible pavilion will serve as a case study for the construction industry. The results will be shared through programmes by the BNA, and in other ways.

This project was conditionally honored from the Open Call Space for Talent