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Weaving of the Future

Alissa + Nienke & EE Exclusives

€ 25.000

Alissa + Nienke (Alissa van Asseldonk and Nienke Bongers) is a design studio based on the research of materials, with its own interpretation of surface design: tactile materials that stimulate or challenge us and that enhance our everyday environment. The designers usually start from an existing 'flat' material which they manipulate into a three-dimensional material with new properties and applications. Many of the installations that the studio has developed so far are closely related to textile. However, the designers have never actually worked or experimented with textile or textile techniques. For the project 'Weaving of the Future' they therefore wish to collaborate with the specialised textile industry. They have found a partner in EE Exclusives, which has been a specialist in label weaving since 1900, and is also capable technically of weaving in 3D. Together, they will investigate new weaving techniques and will experiment with the construction of materials. The ultimate goal is to create new (surface) materials that push the limits of the machines. The new materials will be added to Alissa + Nienke's Interactive Material Archive. The partnership intends to present the results at the Dutch Design Week 2019 and at DRIVE 2019, where research-through-design is presented.

This project was conditionally honored from the Open Call Space for Talent