grants issued

Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call 2 phase 1

What do landscapes say? Speculating on the diversity of landscapes and identity


€ 15.000

Nomaos is a diverse group of young Russian and Dutch makers and designers who are investigating the diversity and relationships between landscapes and identities in Russia. The participants are Yue Mao (NL), Rachel Bacon (NL), Radha Smith (NL), Vera Mennens (NL), Maria Malkova (RU), Ksenia Kopalova (RU), Nataly Lakhtina (RU), Nikolay Nikolaev (RU) and Polina Veidenbakh (RU). In the starting phase, the focus is on rural and industrial landscapes in Moscow and the Nikel region, which are currently being forgotten and neglected. Through design research, the team looks for distinctive, creative and practical ways to develop these areas in a sustainable and inclusive way. Examples of exemplary projects include the Archstoyanic festival in the village of Nikola Lenivets and the Oerol Festival on Terschelling. The initial phase consists of collecting and documenting the landscape-identity relationships and stories from a number of case studies. The participants will present the results in a follow-up phase in various creative forms, such as installations, films, illustration, creative writing, workshops and a travelling exhibition in Russia and the Netherlands.