grants issued

Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call 2 phase 2

What Do Landscapes Say? Speculating the Diversity of Landscapes and Identities


€ 50.000

Nomaos is a collective of Russian and Dutch makers and designers investigating the diversity of and relationships between landscapes and identities in Russia. The interdisciplinary team demonstrates a speculative artistic approach to the landscape as an alternative to the conventional exploitation-based approach.

In the start-up phase, the team performed preliminary research into the urban and societal challenges in Russia, and the participants made a plan for the creation of new work. In the follow-up phase, the participants will develop the work and will address the identity of a specific location in Russia, each in his/her own way. The participants and locations are: Ksenia Kopalova (KizhiIsland and surrounding villages, Karelia), Mascha Kremer (Vyborg, Karelia), Nataly Lakhtina (Kizhi Island, Karelia), Polina Veidenbakh (Kalyazin, Moscow region), Rachel Bacon (Mirny mine, Yakutsk), Radha Smith (St. Petersburg), Vera Mennens (Curonian Spit National Park), Yue Mao (Vyborg) and Maria Malkova (web design). The result will comprise nine speculative narratives of the Russian landscape in different creative forms including installations, films, illustrations and creative writing. The team will share the results via exhibitions and workshops in Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, and gallery Na Peschanoy in Moscow. The team is also compiling a publication to be shared in a later phase.

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