grants issued

Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call 2 phase 1

Who owns the river?

Maatschap Observatorium, Street Art Research Institute St. Petersburg

€ 14.900

In 'Who owns the river?', Maatschap Observatorium and Street Art Research Institute St. Petersburg link the twin cities of Rotterdam and St. Petersburg on the basis of a shared interest in developing the public space along the riverbank. The team aims to involve the local community more in the urban planning of this area through placemaking and the design of a site-specific cultural object that serves as a communication platform. The object stimulates the imagination about the area among local residents and the discussion about themes such as climate change, rising sea levels and the interaction between the city and the river. The initial phase consists of desk and field research and the organization of two workshops with experts, work sessions and public lectures in St. Petersburg. During this phase, a location in St. Petersburg will also be selected for the implementation of the object in a follow-up phase. The project is part of the broader research study 'Waterfront: neighbourhood & community' by the Street Art Research Institute together with the Danish Cultural Institute.