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Yavez Anthonio

Yavez Anthonio

€ 24.000

Yavez Anthonio is a photographer and director. He wants to bring relevant, original and important stories of minority groups into focus through the use of visual materials. After graduating with a Bachelor of Advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academie, Anthonio dedicated himself to photography and directing for various brands and magazines. He has now decided that he would like to focus more on his non-commissioned work and the further professionalisation of his practice. The 'Rivers of January' project is at the core of his development plan. For this project, Anthonio is going to record and document youth culture in Rio de Janeiro, a city that, according to Anthonio, has many positive aspects as well as the challenges associated with the current political climate. He would like to attend various workshops to further develop his technical skills. The results of 'Rivers of January' will be shown at exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.