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39 Talent Development grants awarded

10 september 2019

Recently, 39 designers from across the entire breadth of the creative industry were selected for one year's support from the Talent Development Grant Programme. They each receive a subsidy of € 25,000 and the chance to further develop their artistic practice on the basis of a self-initiated plan. In addition, this grant offers room to pay attention to professional development, entrepreneurship and the presentation of work. The grant can only be applied for once a year. The next closing date is the end of February 2020.

expansion of application possibilities
For some years now, the Fund has noted that the number of applications from architecture and related disciplines is lagging behind. As a result, the Fund has made an extra effort in the past year to reach this target group. The application possibilities have also been expanded for architects. From now on, they can submit an application up to four years after registration in the Architects' Register. This extra attention seems to have borne fruit already. In the coming year, three architects, three landscape architects and one interior architect will receive a grant. A doubling of numbers compared to previous years. In addition, the Fund has started a special procedure with scouts. This is in order to reach promising makers who have not come to their professional practice through the regular routes, which means that they do not meet the diploma requirement that is normally a condition for receiving a talent development grant.