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5 productions supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL nominated for the Golden Calf Best Interactive Award 2020

28 june 2020

The Netherlands Film Festival has nominated eight titles for the 2020 Golden Calf Award for Best Interactive production. This category covers virtual reality experiences, installations and multi-media productions. Five of the eight productions were supported through Creative Industries Fund's Immerse\Interact programme (previously, Non-fiction Transmedia) and the Digital Culture programme. All nominees can be viewed on the NFF Interactive Expo at Post Utrecht starting 25 September 2020.

The nominees are:
#VerlorenJongensZullenWinnen – Polina Medvedev and Isaura Sanwirjatmo (Studio Isaura San)
In this trans-media documentary installation, two young makers carrying a telephone, camera or microphone challenge dominant power structures and mainstream opinion-making. With the assistance of a group of Rotterdam students, the audience is immersed in a combination of online and live performances, ranging from dance and theatre to spoken word and debate.

Big Village – Beri Shalmashi and Lyangelo Vasquez (Kaliber Film)
Using narrative and images, this interactive documentary recreates the Iraqi town of Gewredê, which was entirely flattened by bombing in the 1980s. The Kurdish resistance movement, feared by Iran in its fight against the Ayatollahs, had their headquarters here. Gewredê is also where maker Beri spent the first few years of her life with her parents, before the family fled to the Netherlands.

More Moiré² – Philip Vermeulen (Studio Philip Vermeulen)
This immersive installation creates an overwhelming cinematographic experience within a panoramic capsule-like space. Through carefully composed landscapes of light, sound and moving moiré patterns, the maker plays tricks on people's perception.
Weightless Bricks Act II: Collaboration – Paula Strunden and John Cruwys (Soft Bodies)
This virtual space speculates on the future roles of freelancers and remote working. Thanks to evolving technologies, the possibilities for remote working are increasing steadily. As a result, the private domain and work domain are merging to form a single space. This project examines how you can expand your bodily experience by designing interactive virtual environments.

nerd_funk – Ali Eslami and Mamali Shafahi (ALLLESSS) (photo above)
This project presents a virtual Instagram identity which you can follow to ensure your exposure to a curated dose of contemporary digital culture. A series of VR experiences explores the larger themes that emerge from this media stream. In this installation structured as a series of chapters, users explore the new reality created through social media.

  • Big Village – Beri Shalmashi en Lyangelo Vasquez (Kaliber Film)

  • support
    #VerlorenJongensZullenWinnen, Big Village and More Moiré² were created with the support of a grant provided through the Grant Programme Immerse\Interact (previously, the Grant Programme Non-fiction transmedia). This programme is offered in collaboration with the Netherlands Film Fund to support cross-over projects involving film, design and digital culture. Digital pioneers, interactive and graphic designers work with directors, screenwriters and producers to create innovative media productions. The next deadline for the Grant Programme Immerse\Interact is 25 August 2020.

    Weightless Bricks Act II: Collaboration and nerd_funk were supported with a grant through the Grant Programme Digital Culture. The next deadlines for the Grant Programme Digital Culture are 12 August and 7 October 2020.

    The 40th edition of the Netherlands Film Festival will be held from 25 September to 3 October 2020. For more information go to filmfestival.nl.