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Appeal and revised applications

27 march 2012

If you do not agree with a decision made by the Creative Industries Fund NL you can submit a revised application or submit a letter of appeal.

Revised application
If you feel your application was not shown in its best light and new facts or circumstances relevant to your application have arisen, you can, in certain cases, submit a revised application to the advisory committee. Please contact the Fund for more information about a possible re-assessment or revised application.

Protest and appeal
The Netherlands General Administrative Law Act enables you to protest a decision made by the Creative Industries Fund NL. You must submit your appeal, no more than six weeks after the written decision, to the Board of the Creative Industries Fund NL. If your appeal is allowed, you will receive an invitation to attend a hearing and explain your objections. During the hearing an advisory committee will obtain information from you, the protester, and from the Fund. Based on the hearing and your dossier, the advisory committee will report to the board, which will consider your appeal and make a final decision. If you disagree with this decision, you can take the matter to the district court of Rotterdam.

Advisory Committee on Appeals:
mr. I.C. van der Vlies, chair
mr. L. Begas
mr.drs. A.N.A. Buyserd
A. Klawer, BDes
A. van Sintfiet, M Sc, deputy secretary

For more information about the appeals procedure, please contact Anselm van Sintfiet.