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Distribution € 300 million from OCW for makers and institutions in cultural and creative sector announced

27 may 2020

The Cabinet has made an extra € 300 million available to limit the negative impact of COVID-19 on the cultural and creative sector. Today Minister Van Engelshoven announced how these funds will be distributed.

1. € 153 million is earmarked for institutions that are part of the Basic Infrastructure 2017-2020 and, among others, the institutions and festivals that receive multi-year subsidies from the six national culture funds.

2. € 50 million is intended for the National Restoration Fund's 'Opened Monuments Loan'.

3. € 48.5 million is being made available to support municipalities and provinces that are providing additional support to regional museums, (music) venues and film theatres.

4. € 30 million is going to the Culture Start-up Loan. This is intended for organizations in the cultural and creative sector whose revenue model is geared mainly towards generating their own income and which cannot take advantage of the other measures in this package. The loan is intended for the development of public-oriented productions, programmes, exhibitions or projects.

5. € 11.8 million will be invested in the national culture funds specifically supporting makers, of which € 5 million is earmarked to match the 'Rights Sector Support Fund', an initiative of the Dutch Copyright Federation.

almost € 2 million extra for creators in the creative industry
The Fund is pleased that each of the six national culture funds is receiving additional money for makers. For the Fund, it concerns a sum of almost € 2 million that makes it possible to add extra money to the grant programmes for Design, Architecture and Digital Culture that mainly support makers. An open call will also be issued with the emphasis on the further development of the professional practice of makers in the creative industry during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

additional resources for the institutions that receive multi-year subsidies
The Minister also announced that € 40 million has been set aside for the institutions that receive multi-year subsidies from the six national culture funds. The supplementary grant provides partial support for the loss of own income. This additional subsidy is calculated, among other considerations, on the basis of 45% of the institution's own annual income. The Fund will publish the supplementary grant programme for the institutions now receiving multi-year support as soon as possible.

You can read the full announcement in the letter to parliament (in Dutch) here.
Or read the press release (in Dutch) here.
View the schematic representation of the € 300 million (in Dutch) here.

previously announced: € 1.1 million redistributed for makers
In addition to the government's € 300 million support package, the six culture funds had previously together released more than € 15 million euro within their existing budgets. The Fund has been able to redistribute € 1.1 million for projects by makers, in addition to the existing accommodating measures.