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Grants Awarded Internationalization 2019

14 august 2019

A travelling exhibition starting in Singapore, a practice-based textile study in France, an architecture biennale in South Korea and an event in England. Just a small selection of the projects supported in the last two rounds of the Internationalization Grant Programme. The programme is multi-disciplinary and its field of activity crosses several borders. How do the supported projects distinguish themselves? We take a brief look back at the last two rounds.

positioning Dutch design
In early 2018, Prospektor, in collaboration with artist Anais Lopez, launched the cross-media project 'The Migrant', consisting of an online documentary series, a radio documentary, a three-part serial in newspaper Trouw, a photo book, a live storytelling session and an exhibition. Now they are bringing this particular method of storytelling back to the countries where the story takes place: Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and England. This project focuses on the activities in Singapore and Guernsey (England). Prospektor is organizing an exhibition here in collaboration with Kummer and Herrman, a live storytelling session and a workshop for local makers, in which they share new forms of storytelling based on The Migrant. In Singapore, they are working together with Objectifs, a centre for film and photography in Southeast Asia. In England, the partner is the Guernsey Photography Festival, which has invited Anais Lopez, the winner of their annual Photography Award, to show the project in the next edition. At both locations and events, not only will the work be presented, but a dialogue on the theme and exchange of expertise will also be stimulated. Both exhibitions will take place in the summer of 2020. Knowledge and experiences will be shared in the Netherlands during the 'Narrative Journalism Conference' with a closing public evening in Pakhuis de Zwijger in the autumn of 2020.

In addition to exhibitions, projects focusing on research are common. At the invitation of Lafayette Anticipations, Hella Jongerius and her design studio Jongeriuslab (Paris) are transforming the Anticipations spaces into an experimental workspace from June to September 2019. In the project 'Weavers Werkstatt', Jongeriuslab is collaborating with design students and textile designers on a practice-based textile research project. Within the project, Weavers Werkstatt encourages knowledge transfer between novice and more experienced textile designers and the development of expertise to provide innovation and solutions for the challenges facing the textile industry. The Anticipations programme facilitates the development of new work by international makers of contemporary art, design and fashion. This workspace, where designers from different countries and with different levels of experience carry out hands-on weaving research and experiments in an open setting, is freely accessible to the public. They allow the public to discover relevant aspects of the textile production process, with the aim of bringing about awareness and appreciation for textiles.

  • Weavers Werkstatt - textile research by Hella Jongerius

  • events
    Creating new work or presenting existing work, and undertaking activities that lead to the building of long-term relationships, are often part of participating in international events. The 'Thematic Exhibition' of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2019 (SBAU) is based on the theme 'the collective city'. The exhibition examines how a collective approach can challenge the development of our cities and, as a result, resist dominant systems within the public space. As part of a diverse group of international makers and designers in the field of architecture, three Dutch participants were invited to take part. STEALTH.Unlimited presents a study on the role of the architect in consultation techniques, together with a study of other community-based initiatives. Bas Princen presents photographs of the Haeisna Temple Library in South Korea, a continuation of his work, where in the presentation the photographs are an intrinsic part of the space. Anne Holtrop presents a large piece of sand-cast aluminium, to explore the complex relationship between the oil industry and the increasing presence of aluminium structures in the urban landscape of oil cities such as Manama, Bahrain. This presentation is from a previous collaboration with architect Noura Al Sayeh and artist Armin Linke. The exhibition at SBAU opens on 5 September and runs until 10 November 2019.

    knowledge exchange
    'Extra Extra Night London' is a cross-disciplinary live event in collaboration with David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF) London. During the event, at Somerset House in London, both existing and new commissioned productions will be presented. In a programme of presentations, conversations, performances and film screenings, the sensual city comes to life. Audience and makers are brought together to meet, reflect and explore the soft city. By bringing the liberating Dutch view of eroticism to the metropolis, an interaction arises where different perspectives meet and challenge each other. In this exchange of knowledge, participants and visitors learn from the experience of intimacy in the metropolis, and link this new experience of the urban future to the Extra Extra programme. In addition to DRAF and Somerset House, Extra Extra is working together in the area of communication with Stack Magazines and Balamii Radio to bring the programme to a wider audience.

    A total of 74 applications have been processed, of which 27 applications have been honoured. Of these, 18 are project applications and 9 concern starting grants. The approved applications are in different disciplines: 13 within Architecture, 7 within Design and 7 projects within Digital Culture.

    submitting draft proposal
    Looking back at the previous two rounds, it is noticeable that the quality of the applications is reasonably good, but could always be improved, by providing a clearer description of elements such as the collaboration, development in terms of content and a well-thought-out follow-up stage for the project. is advisable to submit a draft application to the Fund for feedback no later than two weeks before the closure date, and preferably earlier.

    deadline new round
    The next closing date for the Internationalization grant programme is 9 October 2019.
  • Seoul Biennale Thematic Exhibition 2019