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Midterm report Design Sector Internationalization Programme

08 may 2019

In April 2017, the Creative Industries Fund NL received a project grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Design Sector Internationalization Programme. In an interim report, the Fund describes and evaluates the activities undertaken in this context.

The Design Sector Internationalization Programme comprises a grant programme, a range of activities and a series of open calls. All these activities contribute to the ambitions and objectives as described in the policy framework for international cultural policy for the period 2017-2020.

The core of the programme is contained in the Internationalization Grant Programme. The central objective of this grant programme is to stimulate a strong cultural sector that grows in quality through international exchange and sustainable collaboration. The programme is designed to be demand-driven: designers, makers, institutions and foreign organizations can submit their proposals for proposed activities.

Within the policy framework of international cultural policy 2017-2020, the Fund also administers a four-year programme entitled 'Inclusive Cities & Societies through Design'. This programme focuses on four countries: Turkey, Russia, Egypt and Morocco and is open to projects within the three main disciplines of the creative industry and all possible crossovers. Central to the programme is the role and deployment of design and design thinking in questioning and providing solutions for rapid urbanization and the social themes associated with it.

The interim report shows, among other things, that the reputation of the Dutch creative industry is strengthened by showing high-quality selections on relevant international platforms. The focus countries and the countries with a 'made-to-measure' approach are well served and the quality of the supported projects seems to be still improving. Expanding the field of work goes hand in hand with strengthening the reputation of the Dutch design field. The Fund concludes that the interdisciplinary approach of the design disciplines gives the Netherlands a distinctive position and ensures that projects with a cultural and social perspective add a new layer to working on major social transitions such as climate, mobility and the living environment. In order to make this quality visible, a long-term policy is required to build trust and sustainable relationships and to create meaningful results.

The Midterm Report 2017-2018 on the Design Sector Internationalization Programme can be downloaded here (in Dutch only). Would you like to submit an application to the Internationalization Grant Programme? The next deadline is Wednesday 15 May 2019, followed by the next on Wednesday 9 October 2019.