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New grant programme for interactive and immersive media productions

07 february 2019

Immerse\Interact is a new programme for interactive and immersive media productions, which is offered jointly by the Film Fund and the Creative Industries Fund NL. The programme replaces the Non-fiction Transmedia programme that the Funds have been operating since 2014.

from Non-fiction Transmedia programme to Immerse\Interact
The crossover between film and digital culture has created a new field in which interactive designers, graphic designers and digital pioneers work together with directors, screenwriters and producers on innovative media productions. Together they explore the future of storytelling in a changing media landscape. This future is digital, sometimes interactive, sometimes immersive, sometimes in co-creation with an audience, but always based on the power of the story.

The Immerse\Interact programme stimulates projects within the interdisciplinary media landscape to set the bar high. Artistic research and experiment in the field of digital storytelling and the use of interactive or immersive media play a central role. The funds jointly contribute € 1.3 million annually to the programme.

Doreen Boonekamp, Executive Director and Chair of the Board of the Netherlands Film Fund: 'With the extra budget that we can utilize for the programme and the broadening to both non-fiction and fiction, makers will have room for more experimentation in an area where the sector has high ambitions and potential'.

Syb Groeneveld, Executive Director and Chair of the Board of the Creative Industries Fund NL: 'The Immerse\Interact programme gives makers of crossover productions in the Netherlands the opportunity to explore the boundaries of storytelling, enter into new collaborations, find a new audience and present themselves internationally.'

which projects are eligible?
Artistic productions that contain a supporting cinematic component and in which storytelling, both fiction and non-fiction in relation to interactive (web-based/mobile) or immersive media forms (360-degree video, VR, XR), plays a central role. Crossovers in the form of transmedia productions or installations can also be considered.

who is eligible to apply?
Film producers and AV producers with a demonstrable track record in the field of interactive storytelling or AR/VR/XR can apply: for development up to € 25,000, for realization up to € 100,000.

Individual makers with demonstrable expertise in the AV field can apply if the intended fund contribution for realization and possible development taken together is lower than € 30,000. Individual makers must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce.
Producers and individual makers who apply for realization must have a portfolio containing at least one realized project in the disciplines mentioned. If there is any uncertainty, the applicant may submit a request for portfolio review by the Funds up to three weeks before the closing date.


19 March 2019
27 August 2019
Applications can only be submitted to the Film Fund on the day of the deadline, before 5pm.

In conjunction with the new programme, the Film Fund will use extra resources within the minority co-productions programme to make co-production of immersive and interactive media productions possible. The maximum contribution per project is € 50,000.

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If you have any questions, please contact:
Nienke Doekes, project officer New Screen NL, Netherlands Film Fund:

Joris van Ballegooijen, coordinator Immerse\Interact programme:

information days Immerse\Interact
If you have additional questions, and would like to speak to Nienke Doekes and Joris van Ballegooijen, please send an e-mail to n.doekes@filmfonds.nl to make an appointment on one of the following information days:
Thursday 7 March, 2:00 - 5:00pm
Wednesday 13 March, 10am - 1pm