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New policy plan: Space for connection

17 march 2020

The Creative Industries Fund NL presents the policy plan for the period 2021–2024. The principles of the new policy respond to trends identified in recent years, and continue to focus on stimulating artistic quality, experiment/research and the process of making, in addition to promoting good commissioning. In doing so, the Fund is committed to connecting the unique talent of designers, makers and artists to sectors within and outside the cultural domain, nationally and internationally.

Executive director Syb Groeneveld explains:
'The Fund sees the period 2021–2024 as a challenge to work together with all partners on further development of a stronger, more resilient and more innovative design sector. The power of design can play a greater role than it does now and, as a result, mean more for people, society and technology. That is why we are giving room for connection and space for new perspectives on current challenges. We will, of course, continue to do what goes well, such as the Grant Programmes for Design, Architecture and Digital culture, and within talent development.'

In the coming policy period, the Creative Industries Fund NL will make a number of new support resources available.

experimentation grant programme
Responding to the need for a fast procedure for small grant applications in which experiment and concept development play a central role, the Fund is introducing an experimentation grant programme. This creates space for fresh alternative ways of thinking and interdisciplinary work.

4-year institutional grant programme
In recent years, many institutions within the creative industries have been professionalized. At the same time, we see that the cultural infrastructure been stagnant for years. The aim of the new Four-year Institutional Grant Programme 2021–2024 is to strengthen the cultural infrastructure and create opportunities for growth. The grant programme complements the Fund's existing programmes for cultural institutions, and represents a new apex to an ascending chain of 1, 2 or 4-year support possibilities for institutions within the creative industries.

festival grant programme
In order to ensure that interest and knowledge about the design disciplines in the region is stimulated and strengthened, new audiences are reached and other stories are told, the budget available for the festival grant programme is being made available per year across the five parts of the country, i.e. North, East, Central, South and West. In this way, the Fund is giving an impulse to the creative industries at local and regional levels.

new grant programme
A programmatic approach will be placed more firmly on the agenda. The aim is to embed and make more sustainable the use of design power in sectors outside the cultural domain, such as construction, energy and healthcare. In doing so, we are responding to developments in the field and the increasing number of designers and makers who want to bring about system change. In addition to participation within the Action Agenda for Architecture and Spatial Design, the Fund will therefore start a separate programme in 2021 to strengthen the position of design power within current social challenges. By means of, among other things, thematic open calls, we aim to stimulate intensive collaboration between designers and collaborating parties, which should lead to the anchoring of design results with the commissioning party or parties.

In 2021–2024, an extensive Programme for Internationalization of the Design Sector will be implemented within the international cultural policy (ICB) in which, in addition to the grant programme, there will be room for talent development, residencies and participation in international events.

Apart from the main innovations mentioned above, the Fund will continue implementing and refining existing grant programmes and other programmes in the 2021–2024 policy period in order to fulfil our stimulating role.

During the new policy period, the Fund will naturally also remain in dialogue with the field. In the period 2017 to 2019, the Fund held several meetings with makers and institutions in the creative industries to discuss what is going on in the field, what is happening abroad and what developments are visible within the various disciplines. The outcomes of these meetings have been included in the policy plan 2021–2024.

View the new policy plan: Space for connection here. (in Dutch only)