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New: Upstream: Music x Design

19 january 2019

The Performing Arts Fund NL and the Creative Industries Fund NL start a new grant programme to support innovative artistic formats and collaborations within Dutch pop/urban music. The name of this new programme is Upstream.

With the help of Upstream, the Funds and Sena aim to broaden and strengthen the music industry in the Netherlands, to come across more strongly internationally and to stimulate crossovers into other disciplines. Talent development, professionalization, innovation and experimentation are central.

Upstream consists of two parts
The Upstream: Music x Design grant programme is executed by the Creative Industries Fund NL and is intended for projects in which artists work together with designers and makers on new applications of design, visual culture and technology within music.

In addition to Upstream: Music x Design, the Performing Arts Fund offers artists in pop-/ urban music the opportunity to invest in the development of their career with the Grant Programme Upstream: Music.

An amount of € 250,000 will be available in 2019. For the development and realization of projects, the maximum contribution per project is € 50,000. Within Upstream: Music x Design a grant can also be requested for the start-up phase of projects. The start-up phase is a maximum of six months and is intended for carrying out preliminary research, preparing for the project and fleshing out the collaboration. Starting grants amount to a maximum of € 5,000 and must result in a detailed plan for realization.
The annual budget is made available in three application rounds. The first round closes on 20 March 2019. Read more about the programme here or look for an overview on upstreamgrants.nl.

For further information please contact Sean Gilis or Ibrahim Alaoui Chrifi or call 010-4361600.