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Offices wanted: space for 12 master-companion trajectories in architecture discipline

12 july 2020

Is your architectural office willing to dedicate time to helping a novice architect, urban planner, landscape architect or interior architecture perform a research project? The Creative Industries Fund NL is seeking architectural offices who would like to work with upcoming talents within the architectural discipline.

This open call had ended.

The fund is seeking 12 offices active in one of the fields of the architectural discipline, together forming a cross-section of the overall work field. The fund is therefore seeking a diverse range of offices in terms of sub-discipline, size, work domain, design method and regional base. Interdisciplinary offices are also invited to apply. The fund distinguishes the following profiles:

Profile 1 • architecture
Profile 2 • urban planning
Profile 3 • interior architecture
Profile 4 • garden and landscape architecture
Profile 5 • interdisciplinary

Offices working within at least one of these profiles are invited to apply. The deadline for applications is Thursday 30 July 2020. A call for apprentices will follow in September 2020.

Read more about the open call here.

additional resources for makers affected by Covid-19
In June 2020, Minister van Engelshoven provided the Creative Industries Fund with additional resources to support makers in the design sector who have been hit hard by the Covid-19 situation.

The Creative Industries Fund expects that the Covid-19 situation will make it extra difficult for novice architects to connect with the work field, to set up their own practice or to find a (training) position within an office. At the same time, offices will find it harder to devote time to research and experimentation. The fund therefore aims to devote extra resources to giving young architects an impetus and to supporting architectural offices, simultaneously.