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Open Call Fresh Perspectives #4

17 february 2020

The Fund invites makers and designers from the creative industries to submit a proposal together with a partner, aimed at jointly tackling a current social issue. With the Fresh Perspectives Open Call, the Fund aims to stimulate collaboration between designers with a good concept and renowned companies, organizations or knowledge institutions. Submission is possible until 15 April 2020.

Every year, the Fund supports hundreds of talented makers and designers in the development of their professional practice. The research and experiments carried out by these makers are often at the beginning of the design chain. The unrestrained combination of knowledge and methods is involved and this often leads to new insights, concepts and prototypes. The Fund has identified a strong need among makers and designers to further develop the results of these studies and make them applicable outside their own discipline or professional practice. However, there is often a lack of decisive clout in the guise of a sturdy external party that is able to translate ideas into results. At the same time, the Fund recognizes that organizations and companies can benefit greatly from a designer's fresh perspective on a wide range of complex issues. All too often, however, a designer is involved in the process too late or not even at all.

The aim of this call is to bring together designers and parties with a solid social or expert position. The Fund is challenging these parties to utilize this collaboration to arrive at innovative, surprising solutions for today's design challenges.

You can find an overview of the projects supported in the previous rounds of Fresh Perspectives here.

set-up of the Open Call
Creative Industries Fund NL is setting aside € 220,000 for this Open Call. The maximum grant per project is € 40,000, divided across two phases.

Depending on the task, the results of the collaboration may assume a diversity of forms, for instance a product, intervention or service. Collaborating with international partners is an option, however a Dutch interest should prevail within the project.

The conditions stipulated by the Fund are:

the designer/maker is involved throughout the entire process;
both parties commit themselves to the collaboration;
the expected added value of the collaboration for both the maker and the partner is clearly justified in the application;
the project is currently in a start-up phase;
a form of presentation relevant to the sector is included at the end of the process;
the designer acts as the coordinator, i.e. they submit the application on behalf of the collaborating parties;
there is no question of a commissioning-client relationship between the two parties;
the designer/maker is registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce trade register.
The financial contribution is divided over two phases. Proposals provide insight into the entire process, but focus specifically on the substance and activities involved in the initial phase.

The application can be submitted until Wednesday, 15 April 2020 at the latest via the Creative Industries Fund NL's online application environment. Select 'Open Call Fresh Perspectives' from the drop-down menus.

The selected proposals will receive a grant from a supplementary budget being provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OC&W) for talent development in the creative industries. With this budget, the Ministry wishes to support talent that operates outside the boundaries of the discipline.
The selection will be announced by 12 June 2020 at the latest, by e-mail and on the Fund's website. From that moment on, the project can begin.

Read more about the open call here.