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Open Call Space for Talent #5

23 june 2020

The Creative Industries Fund NL invites architects, designers and makers to submit a proposal for research, experimentation or the development of new knowledge in collaboration with a lab, development site or workplace. By means of this open call, the Fund aims to enable designers to create an environment together with a partner, where joint experimenting, establishing new relationships and sharing knowledge are central. Deadline is Wednesday, 2 September 2020.

This open call had ended.

For the fifth round of the Open Call Space for Talent, the Fund is making € 250,000 available. This allows 10 special collaborations to be supported.

set-up of the open call
The maximum contribution per project is € 25,000. A condition for support is that it concerns a new collaboration between a designer and a partner that makes an intrinsic contribution and facilitates the project. Depending on the project, the collaborations can vary in form. Examples are research (including material research) within a lab, a residency programme at a knowledge institute, a special collaboration with a development site or experimental research with a partner from the industry or the business community.

Click here and here for previously supported projects.

The subsidy is divided into two parts: € 15,000 is reserved for the designer and
€ 10,000 for the partner's facilities and knowledge. The sums are granted under the condition that there is a collaboration agreement, which must be submitted no later than 4 weeks after the grant has been awarded. You can find a proforma collaboration agreement here.

The application can be submitted until Wednesday, 2 September 2020 at the latest via the Creative Industries Fund NL's online application environment.

Read more about the open call here.