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Selection open call Researching Remix

09 october 2019

From the 32 proposals received by the Fund as a result of the Researching Remix open call, four proposals have been selected. This open call arises from a collaboration between Metro54 and the Creative Industries Fund NL. The results will be presented at the upcoming Dutch Design Week, during This is a Take-Over: Researching Remix.

The Researching Remix open call is part of an annual programme in which Metro54 aims to focus attention on design, reflection and research within urban arts and culture. The open call was aimed at makers, designers and thinkers who critically reflect in their practice on themes such as balance of power, ownership and appropriation. By zooming in on remix as a research method, the use of materials, language and space is dissected and redefined in the process of making. In order to be part of This is a Take-Over: Researching Remix, the proposals had to be realizable in a relatively short time frame.

All the proposals were evaluated by the selection committee consisting of Amal Alhaag, Damiana de Windt, Radna Rumping and Lee Stuart. Proposals that were able to interpret the theme in a layered way and that had a distinctive voice within urban arts and culture, were preferred. The extent to which the work relates to one or more disciplines of the creative industry – ranging from design to film, photography and the visual arts – was also examined.

The following proposals were selected:
We Got It From Here – Leana Boven en Funs 'Funzig' Janssen
NKAIII – Hab Labs
Undo – Sydney Rahimtoola (photo above)
Makandra – Laeno Lashawn

From the large number of project proposals submitted, the committee concludes that there is a need within urban arts and culture to create space and recognition around the theme. The quality of the applications was extremely high; in order to stay within the available budget, the committee had to make difficult choices. The applications were diverse in nature, rich in words and images, and came from makers from various disciplines.‎

The proposals that were not selected fell short on one or more of the criteria. For example, project proposals were submitted that were not sufficiently interdisciplinary to be relevant to the disciplines represented by the Fund. The committee also found that the themes and sub-topics of the open call were not always an intrinsic part of the project or the practice of the applicant.

This is a Take-Over
The four selected projects will be exhibited at Dutch Design Week during This is a Take-Over: Researching Remix in TAC, Eindhoven. This interdisciplinary programme deals with the boundaries (including ethical ones) and frayed edges of fashion, music, architecture, design and identity. Metro54 investigates, shows and experiments with the current trends of cultural appropriation within metropolitan art, fashion and digital culture. To what extent does remix as a research method offer a possibility for producing alternative culture, design and art seen through a decolonial lens? How can we revise the binary notion within design in contemporary art and culture? The programme includes workshops, discussions, performances, film screenings, and video and installation works.

With This is a Take-Over: Researching Remix, Metro54 aims to claim a place for the critical and creative visions on design that emerge from street culture, queer scenes and activism that are currently influencing contemporary popular culture and everyday urban culture.