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Selection Open Call Salone del Mobile Milan 2019

15 january 2019

The Salone del Mobile is seen by many as the place to show yourself as a product and/or furniture designer to a large group of professionals from the international design world who are all looking for the latest developments within the field. In order to underline the high quality of the Dutch design sector in Milan and to strengthen the international reputation of the Dutch creative industry, the Fund called on Dutch designers to submit a proposal for a presentation at the Salone del Mobile 2019, which takes place from 9 to 14 April.

The Open Call Salone del Mobile 2019 yielded 29 proposals. Advisors Lucas Verweij, Marleen Engbersen and Chris Kabel selected 10 proposals from among them. The selection offers a rich and diverse picture of the Dutch design sector within an international context. The selected proposals distinguish themselves strongly in terms of artistic quality, presentation form and strategy.

The presentation proposals of the following applicants have been selected:

Stichting Cor Unum
Adrianus Kundert United Enterprises
Thijs Verhaar/Knitwear Lab
Studio Sanne Visser
Atelier Mark Sturkenboom
Audrey Large
Studio Minale-Maeda
David Derksen Design
Studio Joris de Groot
Siba Sahabi

The proposals submitted were assessed against the criteria set out in the call text. The starting point for the selection was the quality of the work to be presented and the portfolio. The advisors evaluated the extent to which the presentations contribute to the development of international practice and the broadening of the field of activity of both the applicant and the Dutch creative industry. In addition, the evaluation considered the extent to which proposals were designed consistently and how well they were aligned with the objectives of this call and the Internationalization Programme.

  • David Derksen Design

  • selection
    The nature of the proposals selected varies widely. The selection includes three proposals for more application-oriented and specifically detailed designs, namely those by Studio David Derksen, Studio Joris de Groot and a retrospective exhibition by Os & Oos. Presentations of more experimental and investigative projects come from Sanne Visser, Siba Sahabi and Studio Minale-Maeda. The presentation of 'art-design' by Mark Sturkenboom targets collectors. Cor Unum and Knitwear Lab (Thijs Verhaar) show the innovative design results of designers who use the facilities provided by the workplaces. Cor Unum presents ceramics by various well-known designers. The Knitwear Lab shows live the work process in which design and production come together and invites designers and labels to come and work on the spot.
    The selection also includes two presentations by collectives: Oddness by Adrianus Kundert (four designers) and Morph by Audrey Large (fifteen designers). Both presentations were initiated and produced by young designers who want to offer an alternative in terms of form and content to the current furniture and product design in Milan.

    Although not all the locations of the selected presentations had yet been confirmed, the advisors note that applicants are aware of the significance of the place they present their work. This is important because the specific locations in Milan each present themselves differently from the others. It is also striking and positive that in their proposals the applicants provided insight into the considerations they make in relation to the work being shown, the presentation strategies and the objectives they themselves formulated.

    In general, the advisors note that the nature of the proposals reflects the diversity of the Salone del Mobile. The fair is no longer purely focused on furniture design, but has become a place where innovation, creatives in the broadest sense of the word and industry can find each other. According to the advisors, the applicants know how to give a good description of what they have to offer in the context of the furniture fair.
    Finally, the advisors see an upward trend in the professionalism of the applicants and the proposals. This is evident from the images shown in the proposals and the presentation strategies. The advisors note that this applies to almost all applications. Applicants are well aware of the substantive significance of their work and practice. The proposals often reflect a highly developed body of thought.

    Photo above: Adrianus Kundert United Enterprises