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Talents present themselves in Talent Tours Livestreams

28 october 2020

From 18 to 25 October 2020, the Creative Industries Fund NL presented daily livestreams with new talent during the Dutch Design Week. On Sunday viewers were taken live to the forest by landscape architect Mirte van Laarhoven. Social Designer Marco Federico Cagnoni presented his project 'Plastic Culture' on Tuesday from his workplace in the Botanical garden in Utrecht. And on Friday, Tomo Kihara took viewers into other people's YouTube bubbles with his YouTube filter simulator 'Their-Tube'.

The livestreams were part of the (online) exhibition in MU, Eindhoven.
Watch the livestreams here:

Mirte van Laarhoven
Landscape architect Mirte van Laarhoven guides you through the deceased family forest that she used last year as an experimental location and materials library for her 'Dead wood alive' project.

  • Marco Federico Cagnoni
    Social designer Marco Federico Cagnoni talks from his workplace in the Botanical Garden Utrecht about the background of his project 'Plastic Culture'.

  • Tomo Kihara
    Step into the YouTube bubbles of others with Tomo Kihara and his YouTube filter simulator 'Their-Tube'.

  • Tereza Ruller
    Tereza Ruller shows the spatial and interactive possibilities of virtual environments as space for new thoughts, actions and aesthetics.

  • Mark Henning
    Participate in Mark Henning's performative exercise to explore the relationship between trust and distance in our new 1.5 meter society.

  • Jing He
    Jing's live stream is called 'Jing's Memories'. Seven people take on the role of Jing and take turns sharing stories and memories from her childhood.

  • Chiara Dorbolò
    Prior to her workshop, architect Chiara Dorbolò shares her creative writing process and presents two articles.