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Temporary Procedure for International Collaboration

13 july 2020

Because of COVID-19, the Fund had to take the decision in March 2020 to put all international procedures and grant programmes on hold. As a result, the Internationalization grant programme and the Vouchers procedure for Presentations Abroad were also affected. This Temporary Procedure for supporting International Collaboration (TPIC) will replace this grant programme and procedure for the period 15 July 2020 to 30 September 2020. From Wednesday 15 July, it will be possible to submit an application via the online application environment. Applications will be processed in order of receipt.

By means of this accessible procedure, the Creative Industries Fund NL is supporting projects that provide a substantive contribution to the development, profiling and reinforcement of the international position of the contemporary Dutch creative industry, and is focusing on new forms of international collaboration. Decision-making will take place within 6 weeks of submission so that in this uncertain international COVID-19 period the applicant knows quickly whether support will follow.

Working together on international projects in times of (local) crisis is nothing new. International partnerships therefore have to be flexible when dealing with sudden changes or unexpected events. In this temporary application procedure for international collaboration, it is important that not only the qualitative description of the collaboration is provided, but that there is also reflection on the feasibility of the project – for example, with regard to mobility and physically meeting up.

International projects involving a Dutch design party in collaboration with one or more international partners and in response to a specific foreign issue or assignment are eligible for this procedure. The Dutch party submits the application for the project.

An amount of up to € 20,000 is available for new or existing collaborations in the implementation of a project. The grant can be used for hours spent on desk research and online calls/meetings and the development costs of a non-physical result such as a video, publication, online workshop and website, but also for the development costs of a physical result such as a presentation or installation. Costs of travel and accommodation can only be applied for if there is a positive travel advice for the country (green or yellow) from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the time of application. A maximum of € 1,500 of the requested subsidy amount can be reserved for travel and accommodation costs.

This procedure has a subsidy ceiling of € 200,000 for the period up to 30 September 2020 and applications will be processed in order of receipt. The financial resources come from the Fund's budget for international cultural policy. In September, the initial results of this procedure will be evaluated and the decision will be taken whether to adapt and/or extend the procedure.