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The Scene is Here performance programme announced

10 october 2019

What can light do to you during a boxing bout? What do smart electronic devices look like on the inside? And how can you contribute to a collective clothing collection? These questions play a role in various performances that are part of 'The Scene is Here'. Everything comes up: workshops, lectures, LARP and a letter-writing campaign.

In The Scene is Here, the Creative Industries Fund NL presents all the designers and makers who received a grant this year from the Talent Development grant programme. The 2019 group has been brought into focus in one-minute film portraits that will be screened during the Dutch Design Week in MU at Strijp-S. By means of unique performances, the talents also present themselves personally to the public. The performances take place daily at fixed times and all but two are freely accessible. Curious about who will do what and when? Take a look at the programme.


Saturday 19 October
13.00 - Studio Knetterijs
The illustrators at Studio Knetterijs make a 'zine' about the future. With their illustrations as a starting point, they challenge visitors to form an image of the future.

14.30 - Arvid & Marie
Design duo Arvid & Marie perform a Live Action Role Play about censorship and self-censorship, as alter ego Omninaut.

16.00 - Arif Kornweitz
Together with Füsun Türetken, Arif Kornweitz gives a performative lecture on the phenomenon of 'function creep' and objects without clear boundaries and fluid notions of objects.

Sunday 20 October
13.00 - Waèl el Allouche
In a combined workshop, lecture and travel report, Waèl el Allouche illustrates how he uses data to get a grip on abstract themes such as origin, belonging and becoming.

15.00 - Teis De Greve
Discover what's inside smart electronic devices in Teis de Greve's Disassembly Café. Devices are opened up, disassembled and documented, in search of new possibilities for everyday technologies.

15.00 - Kostas Lampridis and Théophile Blandet
What are the elements of a design concept? Kostas Lambridis and Théophile Blandet do not use materials or objects, but bodies, gestures and sounds to define the abstract elements of design culture.

17.00 - Johanna Ehde
See 'Cry Till I Die', part of the '(Post)Menopausal Graphic Design Strategies' project, in which graphic designer Johanna Ehde focuses on the development of a lifelong graphic-design practice dealing with issues such as age discrimination, sexism and physical health.

Monday 21 October
15.00 - Vera de Pont
In 'Creating everything by making nothing', Vera de Pont shows why digital and additive production are indispensable aspects of sustainable fashion.

17.00 - Darien Brito
For his audiovisual performance 'Strange Attractors', artist and multimedia designer Darien Brito was inspired by Edward Lorenz's chaos theory in his search for the beauty of disorder.

Tuesday 22 October
13.00 - Elvis Wesley
In a one-day residency, Elvis Wesley creates an animated visualization in which he reflects on the exhibition, the works and the visitors.

15.00 - Ninamounah
Fashion designer Ninamounah takes the visitors along in a performance that questions the relationships between people and other animals, as she herself puts it.

17.00 - Elvis Wesley
Elvis Wesley presents the animated visualization he made during his residency in MU exhibition 'The Object is Absent'.

Wednesday 23 October
13.00 - Manetta Berends
Discover in a workshop by graphic designer Manetta Berends the effect of using algorithms when reading a collection of techno-feminist manifestos.
Please note: the number of places for this workshop is limited; reservation via Manetta Berends: mail@manettaberends.nl

15.00 - Bernhard Lenger
In social designer Bernhard Lenger's mobile post office, write letters to newly elected MEPs, the designers of Europe for the next five years.

17.00 - Irene Stracuzzi
Irene Stracuzzi is fascinated by cartography and investigates visual strategies for mapping out complex geopolitical scenarios. During a lecture, she gives insight into her approach on the basis of recent projects.

Thursday 24 October
13.00 - Koen Steger
Fascinated by the influence of light on our state of mind, scenographer Koen Steger takes you into a world of light, the psyche and... boxing.

15.00 - Pim van Baarsen
Social designer and co-founder of Super Local, Pim Baarsen, is active in different corners of the world. In this informal workshop, the impact of their projects is discussed with local makers.

17.00 - Philip Vermeulen
When does an artist become an object and vice versa? And what role does the public play in this transformation? Installation artist Philip Vermeulen investigates the subject of embodiment. Do you dare to hit him?

Friday 25 October
13.00 - Anouk Beckers
Make a garment together in the JOIN Collective Clothes workshop by fashion designer Anouk Beckers, who researches fashion as a collective practice, aimed at making and wearing clothes together.
Please note: this workshop lasts five hours and the number of places is limited; reservation via Anouk Beckers: anouk.beckers@gmail.com.

15.00 - Lucas Munoz Munoz
What are the different kinds of influence that people derive from the rocket? Designer Lucas Muñoz presents his ongoing project 'Rocket Trial', which he is conducting together with various filmmakers.

17.00 - Daria Kiseleva
Daria Kiseleva, who trained as a typographer, reflects in a live essay on a world in which not we but algorithms, databases and 'training sets' determine what normal and desired behaviour is.

Saturday 26 October
13.00 - Tomas Dirrix
What if a person becomes a structural part of a building or space? With 'Dress Rehearsal For A Building', architect Tomas Dirrix investigates the merging of visitor and architecture.

15.00 - Mirte van Duppen
Artist Mirte van Duppen takes you along in her poetic research into the automation of Dutch agriculture. How do people and machines relate to each other?

17:00 - Bastiaan de Nennie
After a period of absence, designer Bastiaan de Nennie plays open card with the visitors and makes them part of his physical and digital comeback in 'design country'.

Sunday 27 October
13.00 - Job van den Berg
Welcome to Job's industrial playground! This behind-the-scenes journey takes you on a voyage past great machines, craftsmanship and insights into how Job van den Berg transforms ideas into products.